Wales full back Leigh Halfpenny

STUART DAVIES COLUMN: Leigh Halfpenny put in difficult position by his president Mourad Boudjellal – Southwales Evening Post

Wales full back Leigh Halfpenny
Wales full-back Leigh Halfpenny.

LEIGH Halfpenny has found himself in a horrible position at Toulon following what was a bizarre rant by the club’s president Mourad Boudjellal.

In an interview with the French media, Boudjellal suggested that the Wales full-back had not declared a groin injury which has delayed his debut for the Top14 and European champions.

The often outspoken Boudjellal even went as far as to suggest there would be a formal investigation and even a threat of ripping up the player’s big-money contract on the Cote d’Azur.

Put yourself in the player’s shoes amid all this — it must be incredibly frustrating for Halfpenny.

He will be desperate to play and make his mark among the Galacticos at the Stade Felix Mayol, but clearly this injury is preventing him doing just that.

For Boudjellal to come out and question Halfpenny’s character and integrity by suggesting he didn’t declare the injury when he arrived in the South of France is poor, very poor.

Boudjellal has made his millions and if you are prepared to bring the chequebook to the table, the power comes with it in European rugby.

Over the last few years he has amassed a stellar squad at Toulon, one you could say is destroying European competition because the resources he has is ridiculous, to be honest.

But for all the money he is willing to throw at his squad, it doesn’t buy you class.

The big danger now is that Halfpenny feels he is under pressure to come back too soon.

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